Wildhearts LR + ASE BUNDLE

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Wildhearts (BUNDLE)

These are BUNDLE of Wildhearts Lightroom Presets and Alien Skin Exposure Presets!
Full set of tools you need for totally awesome results!



Wildhearts (Lightroom Presets)
The Wilhearts lightroom presets contained in this package can be used on a wide range of images whenever a folksy, contemporary and stylish look is required 
Wildhearts LR presets are 11 awesome “looks” to help you tell better stories including your own!

9 Color Presets
2 Black and White Presets
Lens Correction (On and Off)
PDF guide with FAQ and tips

Adobe Lightroom 4 or higher
or Adobe Camera Raw
RAW files supported, not for JPEGs
Please read FAQ for details


Wildhearts (Exposure Presets)
Wildhearts ASE Presets is the great way of ICING your images on final step! Presets wont affect the image “look” but will bring some soft texture and cinematic mood. Also its renders realistic film grain that are impossible to achieve in Lightroom!

7  Presets

2 Grain Presets (if you just need some grain over the image)
PDF guide with FAQ and tips

Adobe Photoshop CC or higher
Alien Skin Exposure plugin X or higher
Presets are designed for JPEGs and TIFF files



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